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Dib. Why did this earth stink run through Zim's mind so often? Why must he always be the one he thinks about when he wakes up and goes to bed? How dare he. How dare Dib-filth fill his mind with such...fuzzy and warm earth feelings!
The bell interupted his thoughts. Zim stood on the desk as always and yelled, "I leave you all to go home!" No one responded. No one ever did. Zim was on the sidewalk making his way home, when suddenly he heard footsteps behind him. He stopped, they stopped. He continued walking, and so ddi they. He began running, but then tripped over absolutely nothing. "Filthy unstable Earth!" Zim's head was pounding. He felt a hand on his back and it startled him. He jumped up and hissed at the stalker. Dib. "oh, it's you Dib-stink." Dib rolled his eyes at the nickname. They were in highschool now, shouldn't he have come up with something atleast a little decent?
Dib rose off his knee and brushed the dirt off his jeans. Zim straightened up and starred a minute at the human he had grown up with. He was taller than Zim. Much taller infact. Dib was almost as tall as his father. He still wore the same clothes basically and his hair was the same. But that's what Zim liked about Dib. LIKED? What was he thinking?! Zim got so angry with himself that he glared at Dib and yelled, "How DARE you lay a hand on me you filthy HUMAN?!" Dib once again rolled his eyes and walked over to Zim. "You forgot your books AGAIN Zim," Dib said blankly. "I swear, this is the last time I'm bringing them to you." He's said this since elementary school. Zim knew this so he laughed. "Oh Dib-thing. You and I both know you will NEVER stop being my slave!" He let out another evil laugh.
"I don't even remember having this class today Dib." Dib blushed, "Uh...well you forgot it yesturday Zim." Zim's eyes narrowed. He became very curious suddenly. 'I wasn't even at school yesturday. How would he have gotten my book? Unless...he STOLE it!!' As Zim was thinking, Dib crashed his lips into Zim's. Zim's eyes widened and he pushed Dib away. Dib starred at the little alien he's known for so long. He couldn't help it, he loved him. Infact, he was the only onw in the world...or universe he could love.
Zim didn't move. Neither did Dib. Neither boy knew what to do next. Zim had began thinking again. 'Why would a human gesture of affection interest me? Why do I so badly want more?!" Zim put an arm around Dib's neck. "I only want to test something, Dib-filth" Dib smirked, "Fine by me." Zim once again met Dib's lips and began kissing him deeply. He couldn't help himself but to enjoy it. It was sweet and Dib tasted of earth candy. Dib smiled into the kiss and began gently caressing Zim's antena. Zim shuddered at the sheer pleasure of the touch. Dib then licked the bottom of the small aliens lips and Zim allowed entrance. All thoughts dissappeared in Zim's mind. He could only think of one thing, Dib. How he felt about Dib. How he'd longed to be with Dib. It all suddenly made sense.
Before Zim could pull away, Dib picked up the alien slowly and held him close to himself. Zim loved this feeling. This feeling of warmth on his usual cold body. Zim wrapped both arms around Dib and pulled away from the kiss slowly. "Zim," Dib began. "I love you. With all my heart. You're the only one I've ever loved in my life." Zim's head snapped up so fast to  look at the earth boy. "What is thing, LOVE," Zim questioned. "Is it a deeper form of hate?" Dib smiled at the alien and gave a quick laugh. "No. It's that funny feeling you get inside when you're around someone. It's when you want to be with that person...or alien forever. Zim thought a moment. "Then, Dib. I love you too." After saying this, Zim smiled for the first time at the human, and Dib loved it. Dib gently kissed Zim.
"But Dib-thing," Zim said in a hostile voice. "You may no longer steal my books just to kiss me." Dib looked confused. "If you want a kiss, find me. I will oblige happily." Dib laughed and said, "I'll be sure to do that," and kissed Zim again.
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patbailey202 Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2016  Hobbyist Artist
it grabs my feels
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omg how many years did dib use Zim's textbooks as an excuse tim meet up with zim. and did dib go so far a to steel them
sorry for so many questions its just that that your story was so good, my mind went wild wanting to know all the small details.
Lost-Irken Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2012   General Artist
...i have to go steal some books...
KittyStar1 Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2012
OMG i keep reading it over and over!!!!
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